The Adventures of Snider, the CIA Spider


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  • Author: John Taylor Gatto
  • ISBN: 9780989280037

The Adventures of Snider, the CIA Spider is a fabulously funny epic comic about a spider who is a big thinker with a fantastic plan for his life: becoming a CIA spy! Our spider, Snider, leaves his wife Wanda and their 26 children on the Irrawaddy River, while he sets out on a banana peel boat headed to Washington DC in pursuit of his dream.
Follow Snider, as he becomes CIA agent Six-Six-Six and encounters figures like Rudolph the Russian, Peter the Big, and girls with pearls while working for the Central Intelligence Agency. Our quirky little fellow has lots of adventures, and he discovers a few truths, too. A cleverly composed story, The Adventures of Snider is bound to bring delight and laughter to adults and children of all ages.