Montmorency's Book of Rhymes


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  • Author: TJ WINTER
  • ISBN: 9780989280006

T. J. Winter (Author), Nabila Hanson (Preface, Compiler), Anne Yvonne Gilbert (Illustrator)

Join dear Montmorency as he indulges his sweet tooth, the Pasha of Salonica whose family fears for his health, Aisha Featherstone-Pugh who is having trouble with her ablutions, and the Masjid Mouse from Merry Lane who never forgets his prayers in a delightful collection of rhymes relayed in the style of the classics. Using rich and vibrant language, T.J. Winter transports us to a fabulous world of unforgettable characters while Anne Yvonne Gilbert brings the rhymes to life through her heartwarming illustrations, ensuring this book its place as a treasured classic amongst children living in both the East and the West.