Palestine Beginner's Guide


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The History of Palestine is as old as Mankind, this book has been prepared in a simple format to aide understanding of the holy Land's history and to grasp why this once pluralist land is now the capital of faith-based sectarianism

Traces the History of Palestine from 6000 BC to 2004
offer A wealth of information and facts
Counters the myths that have been spun around the issue of Palestine
is beautifully laid-out and easy to understand
is an invaluable aide to understand the crisis in Palestine:
A Must for all concerned with the Middle East and World peace.

Ismail Adam Patel is the chairman of Friends of Al Aqsa a non-profit making organisation concerned with the defense of basic human rights of Palestinians as supported by various international groups and organisations. It also stands for the protection and safety of Al-Aqsa Haram Sharif (The First Qibla) in Al Quds (Jerusalem).
He is a graduate from UMIST UK and an Optometrist by profession. He is a regular contributor to discussions, debates and articles in the media and international forums on issues effecting the Muslims in general and Palestine in particular