Gateway To Arabic Book 7


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  • Author: Dr Imran Hamza Alawiye
  • ISBN: 9780954750992

Gateway To Arabic Book 7 focuses on Arabic verb forms five to ten in a comprehensive manner, covering regular and irregular verbs in their various tenses. It builds upon the student’s knowledge of the subjunctive and jussive moods introduced in Book Six.

The key theme running throughout the book is foreign travel, and the student will cover a variety of situations ranging from air travel, lost luggage and currency exchange to taking a taxi and booking a hotel room. Passages of dialogue and extensive exercises enable the student to put into practice the knowledge he or she has acquired, thereby reinforcing the learning process.

  • Cover: Paperback
  • Author: Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye
  • Publisher: Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd
  • Pages: 68
  • Weight: 260(Gram)