Ancient Prophets of Arabia


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Ancient Prophets of Arabia
Dr Mostafa Badawi
234 pages printed in full colour
Hardback book.
Published by Islamic Village

Dr. Badawi is a scholar of great  benefit, whose books address topics often neglected by others.  He always has new things to say and his works, if studied well, repay the student abundantly.  Arabia is terra incognita for too many people around the world and particularly in the West.  Far from being a wasteland, it is a vast ocean of spirituality and its lost history of Prophetic activity is well-explored her.  Dr Badawi is like a great explorer unearthing Roseeta Stones of lost knowledge for us.  He has done the hard work, and left for us the sheer enjoyment of persuing the treasures he has unearthed.
- Hamza Yusuf

"A sweeping narrative of epic proportions told by a master story-teller. Al-Badawi unearths gems from the archives of the Abrahamic traditions, making this contribution to the sira literature not only welcome, but unique.
Reading this book is like taking a step back into ancient history with a learned guide holding your hand. Al-Badawi inspires, moves and leaves the reader in awe, as his erudition unearths the deep spiritual insights into the lives of the ancient Prophets of Arabia."

- Aftab A. Malik [Amalpress]

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